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We offer several discounts on your stay in one of our beautiful cottages  for which you may qualify: if you are an educator, a first responder, active or retired military, or a senior you qualify for a 10% discount (one discount only and discounts apply only to your stay, not to our special packages). If you stay 7 days you qualify for a 25% discount. If you stay 21 days or more you qualify for a 40% discount.

Use the following discount codes when you check availability

educators use ‘education‘,

first responders use ‘responder‘,

active or retired military use ‘military‘,

or a senior use ‘senior_65‘,

if you book for 7 or more days use code ‘max‘,

if you book 21 days or more use the code ‘God_is_good’,

Be sure to click the apply button to get the discount!

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