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Guineas and Spring

Guineas and Spring

May 15, 2017 • Under: Cottages, Country Cottages, Guineas, Guthrie, Guthrie Bed and Breakfast, Guthrie Cottages



Spring at the Cottages is the beginning of Guinea Season. During the late fall and winter, our guineas hang out with the chickens, ducks and Clarice, our turkey. The minute the days become warmer, the guineas fly out of the confines of the chicken yard and begin roaming on our 10 acres like they are on a mission, The mission is to eat as many mosquitoes and ticks as possible. They are so cute. Wandering the yard in groups, one of the guineas is on lookout, while the others eat. They take turns on lookout duty. If danger approaches the lookout alerts the others and they either fly or charge, depending on the situation.

Lloyd was working on the Blue Willow Cottage last week when a cat came streaking by him followed by five guineas. The cat (not our cat) never looked back and we haven’t seen him since. The guineas are only out during the day. At night they return to the chicken yard and sleep in the coop.

It is relaxing to sit on the porch of any of the cottages and watch the guineas work.  We hope to see you soon!


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