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July 29, 2015 • Under: Guthrie, Guthrie Bed and Breakfast, Guthrie Cottages, Romantic Retreat


One of our hopes for a visit to the Cottages is Romance. We light candles, turn on the electric fireplace, select some quiet music, leave bubble bath and bath salts to set a mood. The rest, of course, is up to you.

Romance! It is an important part of keeping any relationship strong. The day to day can turn something special, hum drum. Yet little things can make the day exceptional. Romance is thinking of the other person. It is a word, an action, a thought that says you mean so much to me, life is better with you. A special evening with your loved one, dinner out, a night at the Cottages is great. I highly recommend it. My husband and I have enjoyed memorable occasions in just such a manner. After the special event, the romance should continue. Don’t let the candles, quiet music and special mood stay at the Cottage. Take it home with you. Keep thinking of special ways to make the one you love feel special. Romance them everyday in little ways.

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