Cottages at Willow Pond

Wedding comparison chart

Included in the Package Amazing Wedding; All inclusive! Complete, Larger, and Wonderful Small intimate wedding A Nice Wedding for Two Elopement Ceremony
Cost $1899 $1089 $679 $469 $329
Venue – 3 cottages & Wedding Pavilion 1 cottage for ceremony, 1 for reception, 1 for honeymoon        $25 for Witness if needed
Venue – 1 cottage &/or Wedding Pavilion   X X X X
Number of Guests – Extra guests $35 each 40 indoor/50 outdoor 25 12 6 2
Ceremony Customized & Wedding Planner X X X    
Standard Christian Ceremony       X X
Commemorative Champaign Flutes X X      
Champaign or Juice Toast X X X X X
Wedding Cake X      3 tier w/Cake Topper X      2 tier w/Cake Topper X     9″ 3 layer w/Cake Topper X     8″ 3 layer w/Cake Topper X     6″ 3 layer w/Cake Topper
Grooms Cake X Giant Chocolate Cupcake w/his favorite candy      X       $50 extra    
Flowers  (Silk) X  Bouquet, Boutonniere & Deco X  Bouquet & Boutonniere X  Bouquet &Boutonniere X  Brides Bouquet  $50 extra for Bouquet
Music “Grow Old Along with Me” X   Live & Recorded X   Live & Recorded X   Live & Recorded  x  x
Photography X   Digital SD X   Digital SD X   Digital SD X   Digital SD x Digital 
Reception X   4 hors’D & Chip & Dip X   3 hors’D & Chip & Dip X   2 hors’D & Chip & Dip    
Complimentary Honeymoon Cottage 1 night X X X X